Apr 142014

Nurse Caramel was looking in her appointment book and noticed that many of her patients have there yearly checkup due. This is your final call, make an appointment now and get your physical. If you are not in excellent health Nurse Caramel will whip you into shape.
Make your appointment here.

nurse caramel

Apr 092014


After the fantastic support of the fetish scene (and beyond) in restoring and rereleasing cult classic Preaching to the Perverted , the campaign to get the sequel up and running is underway!

Last October, Bizarre magazine hailed the original film as a “seminal Brit flick”, so if you are interested to finance either development of the film (scripting, casting, etc) please get in touch.

The film-maker can offer excellent incentives and structures to reduce the risk factor for those investors with the right UK tax profile under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. This can reduce all, or most of the risk, depending on the investor’s tax liabilities, and provides tax free profits if the film is made: because for every pound investor puts into development, £1.50 comes back if the film is made.

The film is being planned by the same director/producer, Stuart Urban, who made the original film as well as hours of Bafta-winning TV dramas and internationally released movies. The storyline follows the 18-year old daughter of Tanya (Guinevere Turner) and Peter (Christien Anholt) becoming an intern to the British Prime Minister … much kinky mayhem and a constitutional crisis follow! Cast who have committed in principle include Turner, Anholt and several more of the original’s name actors like Ricky Tomlinson.

At this point in time, we wish to hear from those interested in subscribing to a minimum level of £5,000 of shares for development. Our target levels are to raise £25,000 for development and, later on, £1,500,000 for production.

Anyone considering investment should be a sophisticated investor, aware that there is a risk element to this investment, and should ideally be a high net worth individual/high rate taxpayer. Potential investors must seek their own expert advice prior to subscribing for shares.

I you like to invest please contact me.

Madame Caramel

Apr 032014

Mistress Sultry Belle is a stunning strict nurse based in Glasgow city centre, where she has her own private G1 Dungeon. Miss is a lover of electrics and enjoys to tease and torture patients with her 12 piece violet wand. She also provides sounds, anal play, breath play all whist wearing skin tight latex and leather. Mistress Sultrybelle has been a professional Domme for 5 years, she is also a lifestyle Mistress who is completely immersed in the fetish scene.

Mistress Sultrybelle

Mistress Sultry  Belle

Mistress Sultry  Belle

Mar 312014

Peter Leth designs and tailor clothes made of vinyl and latex. There are many Latex designer but there only few that are truly original. Peter is definitly one of the best. He designed clothes for the top artists of today and you can see his creations in many commercials and tv productions.

Please visit his website for a full impression. Passion Design

Peter Leth

Peter Leth


Mar 252014

One of Lady Mephista her specialities is medical play. You can put yourself with confidence in my capable hands. Together we will find the perfect treatment for you. As a beginner we start to experiment with your body and you will find thinks you never knew you liked. Are you an experienced patient then I will bring you to the edge of your ecstasy. The fear of an intensive treatment we will make the journey together.

Visit my website: Lady Mephista (German)

Lady Mephista

Lady Mephista

Mar 252014

Mistress Irene Boss is a highly skilled Dominatrix. She has her own member site with more then 178 hours of high quality clips.
She travels frequently but her home dungeon is the World Famous Pittsburgh Compound. First read everything on the website and then you can request a session. You can of course ask for a medical play session and she will be your strict nurse giving you your treatment that you need. From soft to hard Mistress Irene Boss will give you just what the doctor ordered.

Please visit Pittsburgh Dominatrix and DomBoss

Irine Boss