Month: August 2013

Latex Fetish Nurse: Courtney Crave

Courtney Crave is an international pinup-fetish-glamour model and performer. She starred in many fetish shoots. The most interesting one is definitely this one she makes this medical scene so sexy! Picture are from a shoot for Soma SnakeOil

Gas Fetish – anesthesia fetish

Have you ever imagined that you are being put to sleep by a sexy nurse or doctor? Do you fantasize about being erotically anesthetized, knocked out, sedated, gassed, forced to take pills or “slipped a mickie” in your drink? Did…

Gyno Orgasm Video

Naked fully aroused women can only cum under strict control of the Nurse. The Nurse can be a real bitch but at the end the patient is a very happy patient.      

Nurse Nadine (Conventry / United Kingdom)

Let Mistress Nadine become the ultimate Nurse or Doctor of your dreams. Nurse Nadine is an expert in medical play. Safety and hygiene is the most important part of her play. She enjoys: needles, catherisation, electro, prostate exam, sounds,… Mistress…

SM Studio S3 (Tokyo / Japan)

Studio S3 is a fully equipped bdsm studio in Tokyo. In had a small but lovely medical room. Many local Medical Mistresses uses this studio to receive there patients. It can also be used for video and photo shoots.

Mistress Anna (Sydney / Austrialia)

Mistress Anna is a Professional Dominatrix providing BDSM Services in Sydney. She delivers light to strict individualised sessions, which will please both the newcomer and experienced alike. Her Urethral Sounds posses the perfect polished shine and when her stainless steel…