Jul 222014

Nurse CathyI am Cathy from Miami Fl, a dominant Latina with a sexy confidence. I can be the nurse of your dreams or your nightmares. I specialize in kinky nurse role play (among other fetishes)

Some of the fetishes I enjoy incorporating to our kinky nurse role-play are:

  • Enemas
  • Urethral dilation & sounding
  • Fisting
  • Strap-on
  • Bondage
  • Electrical stimulation play
  • Chastity devices
  • Erotic asphyxiation
  • mummification
  • Behavior modification sessions ( verbal humiliation, face slapping, CBT, etc)

Email me at: pcmiami1@gmail.com

Call me at:( 305) 519-6295

Visit my website: Kinky Nurses

​Princess Cathy​

Nurse Cathy Nurse Cathy

May 212014

Mistress XenaExplore your Fetishes and Fantasies with an Experienced, Erotic and Sadistic Dominatrix from Chicago, who has been in this business for 12 years. I am a world-reknown Femdom, who is well-respected in the BDSM community. My physical attributes includes beautiful curves, hypnotic eyes, and a powerful body that is perfect for punishing slaves. My sessions range from Sensual to Sadistic Domination, depending on what the scenario demands. Each scene is taylored personally by Me, to fit each submissive. I assure My clientele absolute privacy, respect and satisfaction that one desires.

My personal fetishes involves wearing sexy latex Nurse outfits, tightly cinched corsets, vintage lingerie which accentuates My bombshell figure, putting on a pair of divine heels, lacing My legs and feet into a pair of sensational boots, encasing My fingers into a pair of soft gloves, slipping into My silky stockings, having My feet caressed by strong hands, being pampered like the Goddess I am.

Mistress Xena

Mistress Xena

Mistress Xena
Picture: chitownfoto.com

May 062014

Zoe ZaneZoe Zane was born near South San Francisco, starred with mature porn star Kitty Foxx in Aged to Perfection adult movies. Her positive energy will lift your senses. She’s outgoing, intelligent, has a keen sense for business that will put you at ease. A mature lady, over 50, she knows your mind, what you need.
Are you thinking of a playful Lady Friend Experience (gfe) with a mature woman? Perhaps you desire a passionate, long term arrangement with no complication. You might be a very busy professional that doesn’t have the time for a traditional girlfriend. But, you long for romance and passion from a sensuous mature partner.

Do you have a fetish? My pretty feet, tongue, leather, latex, silk stockings, heels, thigh high boots,nurse outfit, panty’s, girdles, kinky nurse etc.

Please visit Zoezane.com and Stardom Theatre/


Mar 252014

Mistress Irene Boss is a highly skilled Dominatrix. She has her own member site with more then 178 hours of high quality clips.
She travels frequently but her home dungeon is the World Famous Pittsburgh Compound. First read everything on the website and then you can request a session. You can of course ask for a medical play session and she will be your strict nurse giving you your treatment that you need. From soft to hard Mistress Irene Boss will give you just what the doctor ordered.

Please visit Pittsburgh Dominatrix and DomBoss

Irine Boss

Mar 162014

I am a Dominatrix: fiercely independent, deliciously complicated, an intelligent and creative Woman. I will use any means necessary to gain complete control of a man once I have ascertained that is what he really needs. The more a man surrenders to me, the more I adore him. I desire your total surrender, mind and body. My goal is connection and catharsis for us both through BDSM. My expectations of you are very high, the number one being willingness. Every encounter will be unique and you will grow to crave my Dominant presence in your life.

One of my primary areas of expertise is Medical Play. I enjoy giving examinations and treatments for whatever your condition is. I have no limits in this area. All aspects including prolonged embarrassing examinations, sounds, electro stimulation, the big E, play piercing and skin staples, speculums, probing and prodding you all over.

Please visit: Ava St. Marks

Ava St. Marks

Ava St. Marks

Mar 092014

Mistress Ayn her body is a shrine worthy of your worship. The care she takes in Herself shows. Daily gym visits keep Her body lean, toned and strong. Regular manicures and pedicures ensure Her feet are ready to receive your kisses and adoration.

The fetish wear in Her collection is second to none. She can be your Leather Torturer, your Doctor, your Teacher or your Queen. She loves playing all the roles that end in your total domination and servitude. Seeing you naked at Her beautiful feet is what She adores.

Please visit her website: Mistress Ayn

Mistress AYN

Jan 282014

Mistress Tes administers Classical Domination Sessions and Medical Role Play Examinations and Inspection. She is also equipped to administer Advanced Medical procedures pertaining to Control and Restraint, Rubber Enclosure, Straight Jacket Confinement, Urinary Catheterization with Foley and Intermittent Tubing , Rubber Urinary Leg Bags and Mask , Bladder Control, Reverse Catheterization, Play Piercings, Scrotal Inflation, Prostate Milking, Hydro Therapy, Magnetic Cupping, Mind Modulation programs, and Electric Branding to name a few.

Mistress Tes is a NY based Professional Domina located within the Central Business District of downtown Rochester NY. She has over two decades of experience as a professional Mistress and also has extensive experience in Holistic and Alternative Healing modalities. Mistress Tes is CPR &First Aid Certified.

Information and Booking: Mistress Tes


NurseMsT up

Jan 252014

I am highly intelligent and well-educated. I’ve been in the lifestyle for more than a decade. I believe in and embraces female supremacy.

I enjoy inflicting mental anguish on My submissives, taking complete ownership of My slaves and having them endure the most humbling humiliations. I love to tease and torment, using every fetish, physical and psychological play at My disposal. Submissives and slaves are expected to adhere to My wishes and rules.
Your fetishes will be safely entertained and you will have an opportunity to please your beautiful Mistress. I favor open-minded, sincere, obedient and generous submissives, and will take your play to new heights as long as it’s consensual and meet My standards.

Mistress Tracey

Mistress Tracy

Mistress Tracy