Medical Mistress Dr Annabel’s Twisted Clinic (London/UK)

London Medical Mistress Dr Annabel’s Twisted Clinic has some new Serious Kit milking attachments, suction hoods and range of bizarre breathing devices/machines, breathplay procedures which will take your medical patient fantasies, medical fetish dreams beyond your kinky expectations!  London’s Twisted Clinic is a sterile white fetish clinic with en-suite bathroom/enema facilities, full anal training and examinations including both depth and width play, colon snakes, full electro plugs in all sizes, padlockable speculum. Many one use only sterile disposable enema bags, naso and urinary catheters and collection bags. Be covered in tubes and lube, milked, breath controlled or just fully monitored for vital signs under Dr Annabel Sadistra’s strict medical control.
Discreet fully medically equipped private black operating theatre for heavy rubber fantasies, gasmask medicals. Limits respected. Many bizarre and unusual treatments undertaken with medical skill. Time to book in at London’s Twisted Clinic, stay for 2hrs or upto 3 days.  

Email Dr Sadistra for inpatient requests or telephone +44 (0)7377 264773 


Clinic open 6 days per week, some overnight availability.


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