Mistress Donnamatrix (Cardiff / UK)

Does the sound of metal instruments clinking into a tray send a chill up your spine? Or is it the thought of being bound by leather straps to a medical bench whilst a latex covered hand slides a cold metal instrument into places you would never have imagined? Answering yes to any of the above could qualify you as a medical fetishist! Let Me give you a full body examination while wearing My rubber nurses uniform. The medical room is 12ft x 8ft and is fully equipped with an original hydraulic medical bench & medical instruments. Limitations respected and fully tested. Services include:
    • Needle play
    • Piercing
    • Catheters
    • Sounds
    • Bladder draining/washing
    • Enemas
    • Suturing
    • Electro-therapy
    • Corrective therapy.
    • Full body inspections
    • Breath Play
Mistress Donnamatrix donnamatrix1

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