Mistress Samantha Emiliani (Bologna/Italy)

Mistress Samantha is a very educated beautiful Italian Mistress. From a young age she is dominating men and roll playing. She is strict but very feminine in her domination. As a Nurse she can be very strict but also sweet and understanding. She believes that women have natural power there is no need for shouting. When you are with her you will submit because it is right. Visit Mistress Samantha Emiliani in Bologna Area. samantha

1 comment for “Mistress Samantha Emiliani (Bologna/Italy)

  1. Scott
    May 7, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    If you ever visit the USA, specifically the tein cities (Minneapolis & Saint Paul) in Minnesota please shhot me an e-mail. I’d Like LOVE to session with you. I have many fetishes, but Doctors and nurses way up there, I prefer to use that setting. Only seen one professional domme, had a few bad experiences calling strippers and tring to get them to do it. Only one had any proper equipment, experience zero and was into it. But we didn’t have everything we needed.

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