Mistress Vanessa (London /UK)

I am a Professional Domme, S/M educator, fetishist, and an active member of the lifestyle community. I have a background in medicine, this I've found to be invaluable and useful in various safe medical scenes. I have been a Professional London Dominatrix for over 15years but have enjoyed the S/M scene in private for many more. I am a natural dominant, enjoy my work and feel I am constantly learning more and more. At first my private interests were my training ground, thus allowing me to develop a style of my own. I have trained under no one and am like no other. Mistress Vanessa Mistress Vanessa

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  1. Alfred O'Coyle
    December 12, 2016 at 10:52 pm

    Mistress Vanessa

    My name is Alfred, a 68 year old fetishist from south east London. I would like to find out,please, about a session of medical bondage, to include a long strict session of rubber bondage, CBT, NT, plus some therapy to try and sort out my small penis and lack of erection problems.

    I’m happy to put myself into your capable hands and would also request strict corporal punishment, with the use, where available, of paddles, tawses canes and birch.

    Please be kind enough to send me full details of your availability and charges, etc, which I look forward to reading,

    Thanks and best regards.

    Alfred O’Coyle


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