Nurse Miranda (London / UK)

Nurse Miranda has her very own Clinic.Equipped with a state of the art, hydraulic medical couch which converts easily to a gynaecological bench, the clinic’s equipment allows full and unfettered access to all areas of your body. Naturally, the Clinic adheres to the strictest health and safety policy by demanding patient restraint at all times. There will be no unfortunate accidents caused by unnecessary movement but, naturally, the degree of restraint and bondage can be adapted to each patients’ needs and requirements. You will find us fully equipped to cater for basic examinations, full body inspection and any degree of medical intervention you may desire. There are some details which cannot be discussed on a freely accessible site but rest assured you will have every chance to explore all of the possibilities that may occupy your fantasy medical bondage world.

If you want to experience the very best medical session in the world, come to London and visit Nurse Miranda!


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