May 062014

Zoe ZaneZoe Zane was born near South San Francisco, starred with mature porn star Kitty Foxx in Aged to Perfection adult movies. Her positive energy will lift your senses. She’s outgoing, intelligent, has a keen sense for business that will put you at ease. A mature lady, over 50, she knows your mind, what you need.
Are you thinking of a playful Lady Friend Experience (gfe) with a mature woman? Perhaps you desire a passionate, long term arrangement with no complication. You might be a very busy professional that doesn’t have the time for a traditional girlfriend. But, you long for romance and passion from a sensuous mature partner.

Do you have a fetish? My pretty feet, tongue, leather, latex, silk stockings, heels, thigh high boots,nurse outfit, panty’s, girdles, kinky nurse etc.

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Mar 192014

As your Mistress, you will worship and adore Me, always seeking ways of obtaining My approval and mercy. I administer sessions which can vary from extremely hard and heavy, all the way to playing with elaborate role play scenarios, light fetishes and erotic Domination.

Some of the medical play I offer:

  • Doctor or Nurse/ patient sessions
  • Medical uniforms and costumes
  • Full physical examinations using medical devices
  • Rectal examination and temperature taking
  • Forced masturbation
  • Physical restraints and gags
  • Introduction of frozen or heated materials to body
  • Prostate Probing
  • Toy Training and Strap-on
  • Fisting
  • Administering rectal suppositories
  • Enemas
  • Diapering
  • Needle Play
  • Medical Sounding
  • Penis Pump
  • Pocket Pussy available

More information at My Bitch Academy



Mar 162014

I am a Dominatrix: fiercely independent, deliciously complicated, an intelligent and creative Woman. I will use any means necessary to gain complete control of a man once I have ascertained that is what he really needs. The more a man surrenders to me, the more I adore him. I desire your total surrender, mind and body. My goal is connection and catharsis for us both through BDSM. My expectations of you are very high, the number one being willingness. Every encounter will be unique and you will grow to crave my Dominant presence in your life.

One of my primary areas of expertise is Medical Play. I enjoy giving examinations and treatments for whatever your condition is. I have no limits in this area. All aspects including prolonged embarrassing examinations, sounds, electro stimulation, the big E, play piercing and skin staples, speculums, probing and prodding you all over.

Please visit: Ava St. Marks

Ava St. Marks

Ava St. Marks

Mar 092014

Mistress Ayn her body is a shrine worthy of your worship. The care she takes in Herself shows. Daily gym visits keep Her body lean, toned and strong. Regular manicures and pedicures ensure Her feet are ready to receive your kisses and adoration.

The fetish wear in Her collection is second to none. She can be your Leather Torturer, your Doctor, your Teacher or your Queen. She loves playing all the roles that end in your total domination and servitude. Seeing you naked at Her beautiful feet is what She adores.

Please visit her website: Mistress Ayn

Mistress AYN

Feb 282014

We received a new picture of Contessa Cara as a strict Nurse.
Ready to give her patient an ename and looking absolutely amazing.

Enjoy and visit her site (German) / (English) to arrange a session.


Feb 242014

Studio Wanda is a space designed by a woman so that women who enjoy sadomasochism can freely develop their perversions and fantasies. Studio Wanda Madrid is unique, spacious, and fully equipped with everything a dominant woman needs. Because at Studio Wanda, women rule. Sophistication and safety have always been and will always be of utmost importance at Studio Wanda. Every single detail has been taken care of and the results are simply spectacular.

Studio Wanda is located in Madrid (Spain) and has a very clean medical room, where the ladies can do any procedure to their subs.
The resident Lady is Mistress Natalie The studio has many guest Mistresses, international top Mistresses often choose Studio Wanda as a guest studio.

More information: Studio Wanda (Spanish) or Studio Wanda (English)

Mistress Natalie

Studio Wanda

Feb 202014

Mistress Miranda has her very own Clinic. The clinic is 16×9 and equipped with Hydraulic Medical couch and an en-suite toilet and sink. Should you require a basic medical or a through examination or treatments, a full range of procedures are available so enter at your own risk if you dare… Limitations respected and fully tested.

The clinic is fully equipped and instruments are sterilized to above hospital standards.

Nice or Nasty Matron can assist with your no nonsense therapy. Should you prefer a laxex medical,Rubber Nurse Despair is always on hand to help with her very specialist niche treatment, rubber sheets help ease the patient into that secure knowledge that ‘Nurse Knows Best’. Maybe a rubber patient gown is required to cover some delightful chaps and vest that expose the essential areas for additional rubber therapy? You’ll find that my premises are extremely well equipped, meticulously clean and with the highest quality rubber available.

Here are some of the list of services available

  • Catheters: Bladder draining & Washing (small fee for consumables)
  • Corrective Therapy
  • Enemas inc higgins, gravity, double inflatable balloon
  • Force Feeding
  • Full body Inspection
  • Needle Play
  • Temp and Permanent Piercing inc guiche, P.A, frenum, nipple
  • Prostate Massage
  • Prostate Milking / Venus 2000 (top of the range wanking machine)
  • Sounds (both electric and clinical)
  • Suturing
  • Roleplay
  • Injections
  • Invasive electro/medical play
  • Fisting
  • Rebreathing Masks/machine (consumables chargable)
  • W/S games
  • Rectal dilation/probing
  • Immobilisation inc Locking medical restraints, leg braces, neck braces, plaster-casting and more

All medical sessions require a minimum booking of 1.5 hours. You can of course book for longer but an hour session is too short to engage in this style of play.

Mistress Miranda


Mistres Miranda Mistress Miranda

Feb 162014

For many years now I enjoy to have your helpless body shacked to my gynaecologic stool or my massage stretcher, waiting for my hands to touch you, feel you up, invade you, torment you, giving you lust, or sooth you.

I love to be your doctress, being stern, but also understanding and forgiving, sharing all your shameful worries and helping you to heal.

I do not use any drugs, I don’t cross boundaries that could put your health in danger, and I have no interst in any fantasies round the topic of scat.

With all therapies and role-games your health and well-being will always be my fist priority.

Under the menue-item “Therapies” you find a list of things you can experience with me. Obviously, I am strictly using sterilized or one-way materials, and I don’t offer any practices that I don’t really master.

I rather like it erotic and dirty than cold and clinically restrained. Your horniness is item #1 at my therapy list! All therapies can be done in either light or severe rubber-clothing. Naturally, you can also be completey nakes or wear a light apron. My outfit will be what you wish for and what excites you most with your doctress.

Please remember that you always need to schedule a date with me beforehand. You will enjoy a session with me most if you tell me all about your desires and fears and taboos by email beforehand. You will experience a very special clinic-session then!

See you soon?

Doctress MacLaine (German) or Mistress MacLaine (English)

Lady Maclin

Lady MacLin

Jan 212014

I am a sensual, erotic Mistress, with a taste for the exotic and unusual. I am imaginative and inventive, with a wicked sense of humor. I will bring you to your knees with pain or desire. You will tremble under my sensual touch and quake under the bite of my whip. You will beg for more pleasure and pain, when you know you can’t take any more. I will bring you to tears or laughter, screams of pain or sighs of pleasure. I will leave you breathless and spent, wishing it would never end.
I specialize in medical play:

  • Urethral sounds
  • Catheters
  • Enema play, mild to extreme
  • Speculum play
  • Needle play
  • Mock castration
  • Suturing
  • Saline infusions
  • Casting
  • Fire Cupping and blood cupping
  • Play injections

I can be sensual and seductive, or sadistic and cruel. I enjoy turning you into my obedient patient.
My play space is clean, discreet and well appointed, with ample street parking. My dungeon is well equipped with a medical exam table and gurney. I have a huge array of medical tools and toys to elicit any response I desire from my vulnerable submissive.
I will satisfy your deepest desires. I will transform your kinkiest fantasies into unbelievable once in a life time experiences.

More information:  Mistress Sterling


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Jan 082014

Mistress Simone is Chicago’s strict disciplinarian, enema nurse and bondage specialist.

As a Chicago based Professional Mistress of 20 years, she has assisted submissives in creating BDSM ritual out of the mundane, kink realism from the fantasy and life structure from chaos.

Highly precise medical procedures are her other forte. Enemas especially hold her interest from mixtures, volume retention to deep cleansings. Her technique in medical leans toward the firm yet sensual. Invasive techniques tend to be more intimate in nature. Therefore, you will be probed,quizzed and examined to her satisfaction. If you seek this kind of attention, the Nurse is in!

Visit her website for contact information: Mistress Simone

Mistress SimoneMistress Simone