Jul 232014

Mistress of the elite and world famous fetish model, Fetish Liza is returning to London on the 28th of July till August 6th.

You can book her for a wide variety of sessions but our main focus is of course the medical play. She will be available for medical sessions alone or together with Mistress Miranda. Make your medical dream a reality and book Fetish Liza: liza@fetishliza.com

Website: Fetish Liza

Fetish Liza

Jul 212014

Mistress Lady Cornelia's Manchester Eccles DungeonWelcome to My Medical Room all you poorly little boy’s out there in Medical Fetish land. Now don’t I just look like an every kind faced, sweet Nurse that ever greeted you, when you arrived on the ward at your local Hospital as a child or as a grown up? Well, best you come along and visit Me in My medical room for a detailed examinations to see how well or how ill you really are and to find out, for yourself, what Fetishes and Fantasies you’ll receive from a Erotic and Sadistic, Sexy, Blonde, Mistress/Sister Cornelia in My private Surgery in Manchester.

I perform tests.

My physical attributes includes beautiful blonde hair, tall, hypnotic eyes, and a powerful techniques for punishing slaves. My sessions range from Sensual to Sadistic nursing, depending on what the scenario demands, and each setting is modified personally by Me to fit each submissive patients needs and requirements.

Available SOME of the procedures include: 

Nipple play – clamps.
Orgasm denial
Before making your appointment make sure you have your check list of questions ready because I can also call upon other Nurses to assist me if necessary in My medical department and assessment room so just ask about who, what and where when you phone Me.

Seeing Me involves wearing Nurse outfits, tightly cinched corsets, vintage lingerie and high heels, boots and silky stockings.
Phone – 07563 058296
Email – ladycornelia@hotmail.co.uk
Website – http://www.mistressladycornelia.co.uk


Manchester Mistress Lady Cornelia  (11) Manchester Mistress Lady Cornelia  (19) copy

Jun 142014

Lady Lucea is a Black West Midlands based strikingly attractive mistress.

I enjoy a wide variety of BDSM activities, I especially love role playing , foot worship and humiliation, to name but a few.

With a laid back relaxed demeanour, plus stunning good looks, I like to keep you aroused with my filthy mind and sensual side.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do and love the sight of a grown man begging for mercy at my feet as I take control.

My sessions are fun and relaxed; if you’re looking for a stern mistress who doesn’t smile I am not for you.

I want to hear from serious subservients, I want to be worshipped and adored; let me guide you into the world of submission. It is a journey you will never forget.

I am based at two locations just outside Birmingham (Walsall and West Bromwich).

Lady Lucea

Lady Lucea


May 202014

Shall we play doctor? But be warned: my examinations can be much more in-depth and humiliating than those from your schooldays.

My favourite therapies are also much more interesting of those given by your family doctor. Deep explorations, sounds, enemas, needles, electrostimulations… I guarantee you can’t imagine how many possibilities there are. And every patient has his ideal cure.

Apart from having a proper ambulatory room within my studio I really have much hospital practice and I am a certified nurse. This means that every activity is done in the utmost safety and respect of all the hygienical practices which are indispensable in such scenarios.

Come on, get undressed and lie on the examination table…

Mistress Ingrid

Mistress Ingrid

May 152014

IMG_4758 The beautiful, strict, sexy and always in control Nurse Caramel is London’s most popular Dominatrix.As you can see that is not without reason. She loves to wear rubber dresses and has several rubber nurse outfits. She has a great collection of medical toys but if you really want to experience something special ask her for her needle treatment.

You can book Madame Caramel on her website: contact

If you are in the Middle East, Nurse Caramel also does house calls in many Arab countries.

May 072014


*Light medical role play and erotic dominance with a personal touch*

I am Sister Xaste, an experienced professional and lifestyle Domme & Sister of the Ward in my late 30’s. I’m 5’10” in my bare feet so 6’3” in my heels, all ready to tower over my patients. I have a 50’s hourglass figure, fair freckly skin and red/blond hair depending on the week… I’m also completely unshaven.
There is nothing I like more then taking a fresh new page that is your mind, body and soul and making my mark on it, preferably in my white latex surgical gloves. Using and abusing my patients for my pleasure is my speciality
Give me your deepest darkest desires and I will run all over you with them. This I can do in 121 sessions in various venues all over London. I am available for anything from an hour’s duration through to a full afternoon, evening, or an over night session. I am totally discreet. 
I am available every day but prefer advance bookings. Should you require a last minute appointment please allow at least 2 hours notice. I don’t take bookings from withheld numbers. If you don’t get through to me straight away please leave a message and I will contact you when I am available to talk.
Safe words will be used and respected at all times!
To contact Sister Xela visit Her website
or call +44 (0)7751 447 548
If you cannot meet Sister Xela in person you can try a telephone or webcam experience:
Sister Xela offers telephone sessions via:
Fone-Me (MistressXela)
And webcam and telephone sessions via:
AdultWork (theunshavensexdom)


Apr 292014

Maitresse Xawana
I have over time discovered a real passion for all things related to medical games and more particularly for the hardest of them as there are of course many possible practices from softer to harder. Following to your level of resistance, I will make you discover them according to my moods. For the softer of yours, this could be for example a enema, a gynaecological exam, a intimate shaving or the use of a speculum or … But as I said my preferences goes above all to the more harder practices, that I unfortunately can allow myself only with my most hardest and toughest subs, these practices includes notably needles play and sewing.

In short according to my inspiration of the day, I could easily take you where I want to the nirvana of pleasure and extreme enjoyment. So come meet me in my medical room, let you go in the stirrups and I take care of the rest. You will not be disappointed with the journey into this medical environment.




Mar 252014

Mistress Irene Boss is a highly skilled Dominatrix. She has her own member site with more then 178 hours of high quality clips.
She travels frequently but her home dungeon is the World Famous Pittsburgh Compound. First read everything on the website and then you can request a session. You can of course ask for a medical play session and she will be your strict nurse giving you your treatment that you need. From soft to hard Mistress Irene Boss will give you just what the doctor ordered.

Please visit Pittsburgh Dominatrix and DomBoss

Irine Boss

Mar 232014

The German Mistress Angelique has everything to be your special strict nurse. In an amazing medical facility she will give you your long every due treatment.
Read all about this bizarr lady at her website: bizarrlady-angelique (German)

Bizarrlady Angelique

Bizarrlady Angelique

Mar 202014

Mistress Morgan Thorne has been actively involved in kink for 20 years. Curvaceous measurements and a tightly corseted waist give her an extreme hourglass figure.  Her extensive, custom tattoo work is accented by a few classic body piercings and a pink Mohawk (which can be worn in a variety of styles), making Ms Thorne the perfect gothic goddess.

She draws upon skills learned as a professional in the medical field to provide the most authentic medical play sessions possible. She specializes in administering permanent and play piercings, having also trained as a piercing artist. She also enjoys saline inflations, sutures and medical staples. As a Dirty Doctor, she can guide you through a thorough examination. Naughty Nurse Morgan can stretch your urethra wide open using her individually packaged, sterile sounds. She has discovered a love of punishment enemas; forced retention, soapy, whatever it takes to clean the filth out of you and teach you the lesson you so sorely need.

Ms Morgan Thorne also enjoys traditional domestic and old fashioned discipline. She owns a vast array of straps and tawse for doling out corporal punishment. She loves both straight and school master rattan canes, and has even been known to custom make her own from time to time. Whether you’re looking for a light over the knee spanking or a cruel cold caning, Ms Thorne delivers. Classic 1950’s inspired or school Mistress outfits and hair are available upon request.

Make no mistake; Mistress Morgan is a sadist through and through. Watch her eyes light up with each strike, giggling at your every yelp and whimper. Begging for mercy will only make your punishment worse; Ms Morgan can tell when you’re trying to get out of your fair share of suffering. She will bend you to her will and love every minute of your agony.

My website: www.MistressMorganThorne.com


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