Mar 252014

Mistress Irene Boss is a highly skilled Dominatrix. She has her own member site with more then 178 hours of high quality clips.
She travels frequently but her home dungeon is the World Famous Pittsburgh Compound. First read everything on the website and then you can request a session. You can of course ask for a medical play session and she will be your strict nurse giving you your treatment that you need. From soft to hard Mistress Irene Boss will give you just what the doctor ordered.

Please visit Pittsburgh Dominatrix and DomBoss

Irine Boss

Mar 232014

The German Mistress Angelique has everything to be your special strict nurse. In an amazing medical facility she will give you your long every due treatment.
Read all about this bizarr lady at her website: bizarrlady-angelique (German)

Bizarrlady Angelique

Bizarrlady Angelique

Mar 202014

Mistress Morgan Thorne has been actively involved in kink for 20 years. Curvaceous measurements and a tightly corseted waist give her an extreme hourglass figure.  Her extensive, custom tattoo work is accented by a few classic body piercings and a pink Mohawk (which can be worn in a variety of styles), making Ms Thorne the perfect gothic goddess.

She draws upon skills learned as a professional in the medical field to provide the most authentic medical play sessions possible. She specializes in administering permanent and play piercings, having also trained as a piercing artist. She also enjoys saline inflations, sutures and medical staples. As a Dirty Doctor, she can guide you through a thorough examination. Naughty Nurse Morgan can stretch your urethra wide open using her individually packaged, sterile sounds. She has discovered a love of punishment enemas; forced retention, soapy, whatever it takes to clean the filth out of you and teach you the lesson you so sorely need.

Ms Morgan Thorne also enjoys traditional domestic and old fashioned discipline. She owns a vast array of straps and tawse for doling out corporal punishment. She loves both straight and school master rattan canes, and has even been known to custom make her own from time to time. Whether you’re looking for a light over the knee spanking or a cruel cold caning, Ms Thorne delivers. Classic 1950’s inspired or school Mistress outfits and hair are available upon request.

Make no mistake; Mistress Morgan is a sadist through and through. Watch her eyes light up with each strike, giggling at your every yelp and whimper. Begging for mercy will only make your punishment worse; Ms Morgan can tell when you’re trying to get out of your fair share of suffering. She will bend you to her will and love every minute of your agony.

My website:


MsMorgan2 MsMorgan1

Mar 162014

I am a Dominatrix: fiercely independent, deliciously complicated, an intelligent and creative Woman. I will use any means necessary to gain complete control of a man once I have ascertained that is what he really needs. The more a man surrenders to me, the more I adore him. I desire your total surrender, mind and body. My goal is connection and catharsis for us both through BDSM. My expectations of you are very high, the number one being willingness. Every encounter will be unique and you will grow to crave my Dominant presence in your life.

One of my primary areas of expertise is Medical Play. I enjoy giving examinations and treatments for whatever your condition is. I have no limits in this area. All aspects including prolonged embarrassing examinations, sounds, electro stimulation, the big E, play piercing and skin staples, speculums, probing and prodding you all over.

Please visit: Ava St. Marks

Ava St. Marks

Ava St. Marks

Mar 162014

If you are in Switzerland pay a visit to Studio Kim. Not only is Mistress Kim a high class beautiful Mistress. She has every skill needed to give you a medical treatment that you will never forget. In her fully equipped studio she will exam you and give you what to doctor subscribes.

More information on the website: Studio Kim (German)

Studio Kim

Studio Kim

Mar 132014

I am Mistress Zena, Nottingham’s finest Dominatrix, I want to show you that the world of Domination in Nottingham can be a continuing exploration for the experienced, and need not be intimidating for the novice .
I am a dominant sexual deviant and predator. An extremely confident, competent, deliverer of the skill, yet calm and personable. I never shout as I prefer the “speak quietly, carry a big stick” approach. I’m happy to allow a little banter with the nervy! Don’t be fooled by my sweet smile and glamourous look-As a sadist by nature I am driven by my enjoyment of inflicting pain, unwaveringly. Not a pain lover? no problem. I derive enormous gratification from showing you my skills with an enormous variety of toys, gadgets, equipment and furniture that I have collected over many years.

Mistress Zena

Mistress Zena

Mar 092014

Mistress Ayn her body is a shrine worthy of your worship. The care she takes in Herself shows. Daily gym visits keep Her body lean, toned and strong. Regular manicures and pedicures ensure Her feet are ready to receive your kisses and adoration.

The fetish wear in Her collection is second to none. She can be your Leather Torturer, your Doctor, your Teacher or your Queen. She loves playing all the roles that end in your total domination and servitude. Seeing you naked at Her beautiful feet is what She adores.

Please visit her website: Mistress Ayn

Mistress AYN

Mar 032014

I can make medical fantasy as intense or erotic as you like. If it’s a lighter session you desire, perhaps a nurse/doctor role play and intimate examination. For the submissive that requires heavier or extreme medical procedures, consider yourself in good hands. I also love to mix latex in with my medical sessions with willing patients, as it can have a very clinical (yet very sensual) feel to it. I have a medical wardrobe, which caters to tastes from fetish to clinical wear.

Mistress Imperia

Mistress Imperia

Feb 272014

Lady Priscilla has a generously equipped dungeon. Make your submissive dreams come to true, tell her your secret pleasures and let her fulfil your fantasy. Almost no fantasy remains unfulfilled her speciality is strict discipline and medical play. She will always respect your limits but will push you every time.
Have a look at her website to learn all about this Bizarre Dominatrix: Lady Priscilla (german)

Feb 242014

Studio Wanda is a space designed by a woman so that women who enjoy sadomasochism can freely develop their perversions and fantasies. Studio Wanda Madrid is unique, spacious, and fully equipped with everything a dominant woman needs. Because at Studio Wanda, women rule. Sophistication and safety have always been and will always be of utmost importance at Studio Wanda. Every single detail has been taken care of and the results are simply spectacular.

Studio Wanda is located in Madrid (Spain) and has a very clean medical room, where the ladies can do any procedure to their subs.
The resident Lady is Mistress Natalie The studio has many guest Mistresses, international top Mistresses often choose Studio Wanda as a guest studio.

More information: Studio Wanda (Spanish) or Studio Wanda (English)

Mistress Natalie

Studio Wanda