Mar 292015

Miss Decadoria puts all her patient to the test with bizarre investigation or pleasurable pain treatments. Her authentic clinic puts her patients in the right mindset for suffering.

Erection states are rigorously inspected, tested pain thresholds mercilessly and semen samples also taken forcibly. The therapeutic range includes necessary checkups, urgent emergency treatment to regular follow-up visits and special, innovative medical experiments. With extensive research methods Doctor Decadoria will make you her willing patient.

More information at Domina Decadoria


Mar 252015
I am really enjoying playing with the vast collection of Rubber and Studio Gum inflatables we have in the Manchester Medical Fetish Clinic.
The collection is growing by the day -recently uncovered items include two matching white latex catsuits with rubber dolly face and big busoms . amazing for rubber feminization . and an inflatable catsuit.
These items along with over 25 rubber hoods , enhance your rubber session in the clinic .
Buffy BrownBuffy BrownBuffy Brown

However the clinic houses a vast collection of medical items .

  • sounds all variety’s
  • saline infusion
  • N0z for intense gas sessions
  • needless and sutures
  • Invasive anal inspection tools
  • 8 various re-breather hoods and systems   
Sessions are geared to your own needs and specifications .

Buffy BrownBuffy BrownBuffy Brown

Buffy BrownBuffy Brown
Buffy BrownBuffy Brown

Mar 162015

patrica_1Nurse Patrica is very experienced with medical play. He training ensures a safe and fun session.

She starts the medical roleplay with an examination do determine the necessary treatment.
This could be a simple massage, prostate milking, shaving, injection, needles, enemas, orgasm control,… the possibilities are endless.

It is the practice of sado that more dangers and risks involved, if the love is not enough preparation, or is not executed with proper aseptic.

Mistress Partrica has her very own pasteur oven to ensure a complete sterilized working kit. This in combination with hospital grade disinfectant ensures a complete hygienic working environment. This way she can torture you without worries.

Nurse Patricia has an amazing medical dungeon where she can play any medical scenario. You can have a look at it her.

Please visit her website and book a session!

Mistress Patrica

Mar 122015

Miss Mighty and Lady Bellatrix are joining forces to hold a Rubber Clinic dungeon party on Saturday, April 4th starting at 2pm until 7pm. Both Mistresses will be clad in shiny latex and putting their rubber sluts through the paces.

The Hampstead chambers is fully equipped with an authentic medical room and dungeon including hydraulic suspension for elaborate bondage and medical scenarios. The chambers also has an ample selection of catsuits in all sizes and colours for attending slaves.

Over the Easter weekend, these dynamic Dommes will be whipping up their latex covered slaves into a frenzy of filth for an afternoon of slut training, sensory deprivation and full medical examinations. For those seeking to escape the confines of their otherwise mundane experience, step into our Rubber Clinic for a kinky check up!

Boundaries will be respected but the two Mistresses are seeking to expand the limits of both seasoned slaves as well as newbies. It is the perfect occasion to visit this much talked about exclusive venue for a bank holiday banquet of debauchery.

Tribute £400. Non refundable deposit required.

Contact: Lady Bellatrix or Miss Mighty to secure your place.

rubber clinic

Mar 102015

Lady Desiree is a model a fetishist but most of all of true Mistress. She is the superior woman in your life. You will submit and worship her. She love to have her feet worshipped but is fully capable of handling the whip if needed. In her fully equipped dungeon she has everything she need to have a perfect medical fetish session. Dressed as a beautiful nurse she will exam your body and treat you if needed.

Please visit: Lady Desiree (the site is in Italian, but Mistress speaks English fluently)


Lady DesireeLady Desiree

Mar 072015

Nurse Jazmine a surgical nurse by day and fetish nurse by night. She with some other Nurses have a weekly video series showing what happens in the Operating Room after you fall a sleep…

If you would like to order your very own fetish nurse video, Nurse Jazmine will make it for you. Also if you like to subscribe to the weekly fetish video please have a look at her fetlife profile for more information




Mar 022015

Mistress Demetra
Mistress Demetra is a classic Mistress. She has clasis pure bdsm sessions with her slaves.
She loves clinical games and in her fully equiped medical dungeon you can enjoy: Needle play, injections, catheter, sounds, enemas,

Please visit: Mistress Demetra or her blog.

Mistress DemetraMistress DemetraMistress Demetra

Mar 012015

Mistress l’Amour is a totally unique trinket to be enjoyed by a select few who are worthy of long term domestic and sexual servitude.

A unique, youthful Goddess, possessing unparalleled strength and rich experience.

Mistress l’Amour can offer a totally new and fresh outlook on the world of fetish, and is totally dedicated to offering a premium service, and gives an opportunity to build a long term connection, progress and begin to specialise in your preferred areas of servitude.

As a university graduate, and a professional opera singer, Mistress has many gifts to share with you, and will leave you in awe, with her poise, perfect proportion.

Mistress has a very soft voice, and prides herself on never having to shout to get what she wants. Men fall at her feet, as she is a total breath of fresh air.

Huge natural beauty, a perfect size 6 figure, and flawless porcelain skin. Mistress is a Lily that has no need or desire to be gilded, her honest and genuine approach is what keeps her servants keen and willing.
Mistress prides herself on her expertise within:

  • Mental domination
  • Medical Play and Fetish
  • Sensory Torture and Edging
  • Councilling and Advice
  • Domestic Domination
  • Bondage
  • Disciplinarian role
  • Financial Domination
  • Sensory Fun
  • Tantric Massage

More information at her website: Mistress L’Amour
Mistress L'amour
Mistress L'amour

Feb 262015

New location for Lady Bellatrix in Hampstead.

In this authentic medical environment there is a hospita bed for bondage as well as heavy rubber. With all the trimmings to make medical fetish scenarios and role plays possible, step into My kinky clinic for…

  • large insertables
  • fisting
  • slut training
  • needle play
  • electro play
  • breath play
  • medical examinations
  • urethreal sounds
  • toilet training
  • heavy rubber (vac bed, vast latex wardrobe for men)
  • inflatable gags and hoods


Feb 212015

As a Nurse, “I have been done fucked up things to patients for years…all to make them FEEL better.” Nurses limit patients behavior, place patients in restraints, provide painful treatments, control pain and more. Pursing My interest in domination was a natural transition. I am fortunate to be mentored by
Domina Angelina & am also a member of the Servitus Family.

I have over a decade of experience as a Nurse, specializing in critical care and surgical first assisting. As an RNFA, I took on the role of an assisting surgeon and My sterile technique is unparalleled.

Please visit: Nurse D’Vita

Nurse D'Vita will see you now! from D'Vita on Vimeo.