All day treatment by Nurse Caramel (London)

Madame Caramel is an expert in medical sessions. A good treatment can not be rushed in an hour and sub Dolly D wants only the very best so he booked Nurse Caramel for the complete day. Days before the treatment Nurse Caramel starts to prepare she makes sure she has all the supplies needed for this marathon session and arrange an other nurse to help her. This time Nurse Kalida join her to give Dolly D the treatment he graves. Dressed in their rubber Nurse uniform Dolly D, got sounded, enema treatment, strap-on and of course lots of sensory deprivation and breath play. After a long day Dolly D was tired but a so happy with this amazing session.

Are you looking for a long term session in London? contact Madame Caramel not only for Medical play but also sissy training, long term lock up, rubber session and many more.

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