Ava St. Marks (Philadelphia / USA)

I am a Dominatrix: fiercely independent, deliciously complicated, an intelligent and creative Woman. I will use any means necessary to gain complete control of a man once I have ascertained that is what he really needs. The more a man surrenders to me, the more I adore him. I desire your total surrender, mind and body. My goal is connection and catharsis for us both through BDSM. My expectations of you are very high, the number one being willingness. Every encounter will be unique and you will grow to crave my Dominant presence in your life.

One of my primary areas of expertise is Medical Play. I enjoy giving examinations and treatments for whatever your condition is. I have no limits in this area. All aspects including prolonged embarrassing examinations, sounds, electro stimulation, the big E, play piercing and skin staples, speculums, probing and prodding you all over.

Please visit: Ava St. Marks

Ava St. Marks

Ava St. Marks

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