Baroness Davina Dust

I am the incarnate fulfillment of all bizarre erotic fantasies.

Aphrodite-like beauty, innate dominance, imagination, blood-freezing sadism and creativity covered by pure female sensuality.

I grant bizarre audiences to a very select clientele at exclusive places. I perform my art at luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, in nature or at your home.

I celebrate every session like a world premiere and turn it into a unique performance. None of my bizarre plays is equal to another. I completely indulge in my perverse vein my bizarre longings. I drift in the sea of sensual tortures. I’ll savage you like a wild animal on the prowl for prey. I’ll subdue you and transform you into an object being worthy of mine. Then you’ll have found the meaning of your existence. The meaning am I!

Wardrobes full of fancy fetish outfits and shoes fill many of my rooms. Latex and rubber in all kinds, leather, evening dresses, freaky and out of the ordinary costumes and provocative lingerie engulf my submissive worshippers deeper and deeper in the abyss of their own obsessions.

I am the accomplished Hedonist. My whole life is dedicated to desire and lust – but it’s about my sadistic desire. And my desire for the bizarre is boundless.
Baroness Davina Dust

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