Brass monkey (castration)

Ella was bathing in a sea of calm as her taxi drove through the night. Raindrops slid down the windows, making the outside world seem like a dream. All that she could make out were the lights of the occasional car driving in the opposite direction. This suited her, as she had a lot to process after what had happened that night.

This was the end of a long story, which had begun many months before…. Maybe even years, depending on what you consider to be a beginning. Ella had always been curious about the dark side of human sexuality. From a young age, she had worked her way through every book, magazine, website and forum that she could find on alternative sexualities, body modification, and other relevant subjects. Mind you, Ella was a good hard working girl. She had barely even had sex, even by the age of 28. She was too busy for boys. Anyway, she saw what they were like on a daily basis, being surrounded by them at her job. Being the only girl in the kitchen that she worked in was nothing new to Ella. It had been like that since she started several years ago. She was always the only girl and as such, she always got her fair share of attention from her colleagues. But they were so rough, over masculine, lacking in the refinement that she found attractive. Sure she had given into the advances once or twice, but these manly men, for all their brawn and tattoos, and talk, had always ended up disappointing her in bed. Clearly, they didn’t get much either. How else could she explain the wham bam thank you man attitude that they had in bed? Pathetic. As much as they treated food like an art, they treated sex as nothing more than sustenance. How sad.

Ella had pretty much given up on sex. She was 28, worked 80 hours a week, and when she wasn’t working, she barely ever had time for socialising. But one day, when she was browsing the internet, delving into that world of creative sexuality that she knew so much about but had never touched, she found something that caught her eye.

There was going to be a huge BDSM party happening on her day off next week, and it was happening a short drive from where she lived, in a manor house in the countryside. The website said there were only 3 tickets left. Seeing this as a sign, Ella bought herself a ticket, then brushed her teeth and went to bed. She had a double shift the next day, and needed to be on top form.

That night, Ella slept restlessly. In her dreams, she was in a large hall, filled with black, shiny bodies, writhing in an orgiastic mess. She looked down at herself, and saw that her skin had also transformed into black rubber. Arm came out of the pile of bodies, fingers curling back, beckoning her to join the ecstasy. It was beautiful, and scary all at the same time.

She stroked her body, enjoying the feel of Her new skin. She stroked her arms, her hands gliding over her skin effortlessly, as if it was covered in oil. Her hands naturally moved towards her breasts, cupping them, massaging them, before slowly making their way down to her pussy. It too was black and shiny, and her labia were swollen and plump. Her finger slid into the slit, ready to probe and explore her new genitalia… She was distracted by a light coming from in front of her. As Ella looked up, She was blinded by the brightness. All around her was dark and b;lack, but walking towards her was a slender angel. His body as shiny as hers, his skin as white as hers was black. And where she had labia, he had nothing. He smiled at her… licked his lips, and just as suddenly as he had appeared, so did an iceberg which swallowed him up before shattering into a million pieces.

Ella woke up cold and shivering. She opened her eyes to realise that her sheets had fallen off of her bed, exposing her naked body, and that she had left her window wide open before going to sleep. But what a dream!

The next week went on as usual: Work, sleep, work, sleep, and sometimes the time to eat a bite. Ella was just going through her routine, waiting for time to pass, as every second that passed brought her a second closer to what would surely be the most exciting night of her life.

Finally, Thursday had arrived. Ella dressed herself creatively, using her limited wardrobe. She put on a black g-string, with black tights over the top, and cut the gusset out of another pair to wear as a top. Around her waist, she cleverly tied a red silk scarf, to resemble a waist cincher. On her feet, she wore her prize possession: a pair of black patent thigh high boots that she had saved up for and bought online 2 years ago, as an object of desire. Finally, her boots would have their moment.

Ella covered herself in a floor length coat, closed her front door behind her, and headed off into the night.


Jay was wondering what he was doing at this party. What had made him think that kink in real life would be anything like the stuff he watched on his computer? In the hour since he had arrived, he had already had to fend off 3 guys. The first, an older man dressed head to toe in black leather with a toolbelt full of accessories around his waist, had tried to talk to him about his hatred of women. The second, a scared looking worm of a man, chinless, and made of nothing but knees (knees for elbows, knees for shoulders, knees for everything)had tried to question him on mortgage providers, clearly raring for a debate on the horrifying cost of modern mortgages. The third had clearly been trying to convince him to join him in the loo for god only knows what. Jay was fed up and bored. This was shit. It was just like being at your gran’s 80th, only with everyone dressed in leather and rubber. Not what he had signed up for.

It was time to leave. Fuck this, and fuck them. Jay made his way to the cloak room to pick up his stuff, but when he got there, his breath got caught in his throat. Standing right in front of him, checking in her bags, was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was tiny. Everything about her was miniature. Small slender wrists, tiny little breasts, like bee stings, and tiny little feet under tiny legs. She was like a porcelain doll. Just perfect.

The girl looked up at Jay, and he looked down at her. And they looked, and looked some more. Their eyes were locked.


That was definitely when it all started. That spiral into darkness and unchartered territory. When Ella closed her eyes, she could remember everything, as if she was there again. The smell of sweaty bodies, the heat, and her slender white angel, right there, just like in her dream. Well not quite, he was dressed in black rubber pants and a body harness.. But she had recognised him instantly. They never left each others side for the whole night. Jay was everything that her colleagues weren’t. He was refined, even slightly effeminate. He was intelligent. He was thoughtful. And he was oh so beautiful. It was fate. He too was new to the scene. He explained to her how he had been fantasising about female domination from a very early age, how he never understood why in real life, women rejected him for being a gentleman. He told her about his hatred of his masculinity, how he worshipped women, and hated men. He told her everything. And ella listened very carefully to every word he said. Watching his beautiful lips as they moved.

Over the next few months, Ella and Jay met up every week. On her days off, they wouldn’t leave her house. All the things that they had fantasised about, they explored. She loved having her own personal plaything. It was wonderful. Whatever she said, he did. “Drink my piss” she said. “Yes Mistress” came his humble reply. “Worship my ass” “yes Mistress”… Bend over and take 60” “Yes Mistress”.

It was a dream come true. With every meeting, they delved deeper and deeper into each other’s psyches, finding hidden treasures, waiting to be released. They did it all: Anal, fisting, corporal punishment, enemas… everything. Well… not quite.

It was about 3 months into their relationship, that one night, when Jay was sleeping over and they were cuddled up after an exhausting marathon of kinky fun, that Jay whispered into Ella’s ear:

“Hey, are you still awake?

-Yup. Why?

-There’s something I’ve been thinking about.

-What is it?

-Well, I’m not sure really, but I’ve been having this feeling for a while now, and it just won’t go away. But it feels weird. I don’t think it’s normal.

-Tell me Jay, you know you can tell me anything.

-Are you sure?

-Yes!!! Just tell me already!

-Ok, but please promise me that you won’t judge me or reject me. This is some weird shit.

-Cross my heart and hope to die. Now bloody get on with it and tell me.

-Ok, here goes!” Jay inhaled deeply. His heart was beating so fast that Ella could feel in through her back, shaking her own ribcage. This was going to be big.

“-Do you remember the first time we met?

-Like it was yesterday, said Ella.

-Ok, well do you remember when I told you about how I worship women and I think that men don’t deserve everything that they have?


-Well that’s what this is about. For years now, I’ve felt like there’s something wrong with me. I don’t want to be a woman… Well I envy women, but I don’t feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body is what I mean. But also, I don’t want to be a man. I hate my cock. I hate having it, I hate how it makes me think, how it makes me act. I hate what women think of men. Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is, I want to get rid of my cock and balls. I don’t want to be controlled by them anymore. And I think you should be the one to remove them. It’s my gift to you.

-Holy fucking shit, Jay! That IS massive! Are you 100% sure? Like really really sure?

-Yes, Ella. I am sure. I’ve wanted this since I was 12. I just never knew it was something possible.

-Ok. Well let me sleep on it.

-Sure thing. Goodnight Mistress.

-Night Jay.

-I love you, Ella.

-Love you too, you nutter.


Maybe that was the true beginning… that night, with that conversation whispered in the dark.

Ella slept a dreamless sleep that night, and Jay just tossed and turned, worried at her lack of response. Had he done the right thing by telling her about something so extreme? Was she going to think she was crazy?> Had he ruined his only chance at happiness by unveiling how fucked up he was?

The next morning, he was up early. By the time Ella got out of bed, there was a full breakfast of coffee, orange juice, and blueberry pancakes waiting for her. She really had lucked out with Jay, she thought as she tucked into those little blueberry clouds. She could tell he was nervous, and she enjoyed every moment. Ella purposefully didn’t say anything about the conversation from the night before, knowing that he would be in turmoil about it. She wanted to scare him. And it was working.

Still pretending that nothing was happening, Ella showered herself, got dressed, and left the house, telling Jay to clean up before he left. She knew that he was so nervous that he would do everything he could to please her, and that therefore she would return tonight to a perfectly clean house, dinner in the fridge, and most likely some sort of gift waiting for her on the kitchen table.

That day at work, Ella pretended to feel unwell so that she could be sent home early. But not too early, she didn’t want to cross paths with Jay. By 7pm, she was home and tucking into the Lasagna that he had made her, while she wrote the following letter to him

“Dear Jay,

I have considered what we spoke about last night, and I want to make sure that you are 100% decided on this. If we go ahead, there is no turning back. You will be my dickless slave for life, and you will have to watch as other men fuck me. You can’t undo something like this.

I want you to take the next seven days for yourself. Don’t contact me at all. On my next day off, when you come to see me, I want you to buy Me a single rose. If you are still sure, after 7 days of thinking, that you want to go through with this, bring me a red rose. If you have changed your mind, bring me a white rose, and we will never speak of this again.

But if you bring the red rose, that is it. Your decision is final. I will be castrating you. By bringing me the red rose, you will also be agreeing to let me take control of this, and do it the way that I see fit. You will trust me to do it right. You must trust me. Otherwise, this won’t work.



The next day, on her way to work, Ella slid the letter under Jay’s door. Now, all she had to do was wait. Ella had enough to keep her busy that week anyway. The restaurant she worked at was a modernist cuisine restaurant, and her head chef had just come back from a month long gastronomical tour of the San Pellegrino top 50 restaurants in the world list. He had sent an email to all his staff letting them know that they would all be working extra hours for the next week, experimenting with new techniques and products, creating a new menu for the coming winter. At least it would keep Ella’s mind working on something. Now that the cards were in Jay’s hand, she was the one who was nervous. Although she would never tell him that.

The week flew by in a flurry of foams, spherificationsand liquid nitrogen. Ella learnt so much that week, and funnily enough, got pretty inspired too. Her chef had created this new dish. When it arrived at the table, it looked like a snowball on a piece of black slate. One tap of the spoon, and it shattered into a million pieces, revealing it’s rainbow filling of hot fruit, coulis, and chocolate cake. A masterpiece.

On her next day off, Elly got up early. She wanted everything to be perfect, hoping that the outcome would be the one she so desired. She got showered and made up, and dressed herself in the beautiful plum silk dress that Jay had bought her for his birthday. He really was such a good boy.

A knock on the door. It was him. Ela peeked through the spyhole in her front door to see Jay standing there, looking as if he was about to faint, and holding… a red rose. She knew he had probably been at that door for a good 20 minutes, agonising over whether to simply turn back and run away. So she let him wait a little longer, still watching him through the spyhole. He really did look nervous! He was picking at his nails, fidgeting, and sometimes turning around as if ready to leave, before suddenly deciding against it. One more knock, and Ella opened the door so as to let Jay out of his misery. Before her was JAy, kneeling head down, with the red rose held high above his head. It was beautiful.

Ella took the rose, said “thank you”, and kissed the top of his head. “From now on, Jay, we don’t talk about this again. I want you to trust me to do it when the time is right. In the meantime, we enjoy what we have, just as we always have. Do you understand?”

Jay nodded his consent, and she let him get up and enter her house. They had a fantastic weekend. There was an intensity to their play that had never been there before. An urgency even.

Ella and Jay continued their relationship as they had before for a few more months. Behind the scenes though, Ella was plotting. Her ideas had crystallized. She knew exactly what she was going to do. If castration was what he wanted, castration was what he would get. Ella had a flair for the dramatic, and she wanted to make it the most special and symbolic castration ever.

Christmas came and went. Ella had managed to get new year’s eve off, by working through Christmas eve, Christmas day and boxing day. Jay, who worked in banking, would have no problem getting new year’s eve to himself. And so the date was set, unbeknownst to Jay, of course. It was perfect. A new year, a new life. Out with the old and in with the new.

Ella had everything ready when he arrived. But she still hadn’t told him what was going to happen. They had simply set a playdate. She let him in, and he knelt in front of his mistress and presented her his collar. She put it around his neck, crouched in front of him, and held his head up by his chin. Her head slightly higher than his, she dribble saliva onto his expectant tongue. “A kiss from me to you.” She said.


Jay followed Ella, on all fours of course, into her kitchen. The kitchen counter had all the usual mix of objects removed, and in their place was a covering of incontinence pads, very carefully attached to it with tape, so as to create a spill proof work space. He did as he was told, and lay down on the worktop. As Ella began slowly sticking him into place, covering his body in layer after layer of duct tape, Jay realised that something big was happening. She was immobilising him. The duct tape was used in such a way as to stick him to the work surface, like a fly in a web. By the end of it, he was completely unable to move… only his genitals were on show. The rest of him was completely covered in a layer of shiny silver. He was helpless and he knew it.

“Open your mouth” ordered Ella

“Yes Mistress.”

Ella positioned a fat rubber bit in his mouth. “This is to prevent you from biting off your tongue, and to stifle the screams” she said.

Something was happening. Was this it?

Jay turned his head to the side to get a better view of Ella. She was looking at him intently, as she pulled a spotless white lab coat on over her tiny latex clad body. One by one, the snapped the press studs into place, smiling at him.

Ella walked back towards Jay, and picked up a couple of medical gloves on the way. “This is it… I have been planning for months. I hope you’re ready, Jay. Because there’s no going back.” she said, looking him deep in the eyes as she theatrically inserted her hands into the latex gloves, giving them a nice snap with the final tug. Ella bent over and deposited a sensual and loving kiss on Jay’s clammy forehead. He was white as a sheet, and his eyes began to roll back into his head. Overwhelmed with emotions, his brain began to shut down. He was woken up by a sharp sting in his nose accompanied by the acrid smell of ammonia and a sharp slap on his face. When his vision sharpened again, his field of view was filled with Ella’s beautiful face. “Smelling salts” she said. “I figured you might pass out, and I wouldn’t want you to miss a second of this. After all, you only get to experience this once.” a wisp of a smile drew itself on the corner of her mouth, and a light was in her eyes that Jay had never seen before. Damn that gag in his mouth. He wanted to tell her how beautiful she was. He wanted to tell her that he loved her more than anything in the world, that he would let her do anything to him, all just to see that sparkle in her eye. But all he could do was moan and dribble on himself.

Ella walked away from him, her arse swinging from side to side so seductively under that crisp tight lab coat. Jay could feel himself getting hard. When Ella turned back towards him, she held in her hand a strange set of pincers which she was clearly struggling to hold open with all her strength, thus holding a little rubber band stretched to its maximum capacity through the clever use of 4 little prongs which were activated by the handle being pressed closed.

“Let’s sort this out, shall we?” He could hear the smile in her voice. He loved her. “Hrmmph” he acquiesced. Ella stroked his hard dick and balls with her free hand. She then put down the wicked looking contraption, a softness taking her over.

“It won’t work if you’re hard, and anyway… I feel like I owed you one last orgasm. After all, you’re never going to be able to have one again in your whole life.” Never breaking eye contact, Ella lifted up her lab coat and delicately removed her black rubber panties. She then climbed up onto the work surface, grabbed Jay’s cock, and crouched down above it. Jay could feel the wetness of her pussy as She rubbed the pulsating head of his cock back and forth on her moist shaved slit. He groaned. He couldn’t help himself. They had never had sex, and now, she was going to mount him, and it would be the first and last time. He could feel every emotion in the human range fighting for space all at the same time inside him. His heart was beating so fast that he feared his chest might rip open. His breath was nearly at the point of hyperventilation. He felt sick, but in a good way. And he wanted that pusy more than anything, but he was so tightly tied down that he couldn’t even thrust. Ella looked him straight in the eyes, towering above him. “I’m going to make you cum inside me, Jay. I’m going to make you cum inside me, and I’m going to have your baby. It will be your legacy. I am going to have your child.” And she mounted him. Her pussy felt so good, enveloping his rock hard cock. So silky and warm. It felt like home. Ella never once broke eye contact, and she rode him. Up and down, back and forth, she was insatiable. And Jay tried as long as he could to hold back. He wanted her to cum from the last time he would ever have a cock to fuck her with. Ella moaned and groaned as she thrust him ever deeper inside her with every pump of her pelvis. Sweat was pouring down in between her tits. She was so beautiful. Her face and chest were flushing crimson, and her pussy was flowing with juices. Jay could feel them running down between his thighs. She was so wet that is felt as though he had pised himself. His cock was twitching from holding in his cum. He wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Ella’s thrusts were getting faster and faster, and over the space of half a minute, her groans merged together into one long scream. Jay could feel her muscles tighten around his cock, grasping it like a fist of steel. Then, just as he let himself blow inside her, a flood of warm juices burst out of her. It was like being baptised by God Herself.

Ella collapsed on top of Jay, breathing heavily. Slowly, her breathing evened out, and she lifted up her head, then her torso, smiling at him. She looked at her watch. “It’s half an hour to the new year. New year, new you. It’s time for me to prepare.” Jay had no idea what sort of preparation was going to be necessary.

Ella brought out a bottle of alcohol and some gause. She carefully swabbed his entire genital region with the spirit soaked cloth. It stung so much! Every pore in that area was wide open after climax, and they soaked up the 100 proof alcohol. That rubber bit was already coming in handy. He was sure that he would bite right through it.

Once was swabbed clean, Ella picked up her strange contraption again and clamped it open. There was a special latch on it, to keep it open without physical effort. She locked it into place and grabbed his now limp dick. “That works much better” she said as she threaded his cock and balls gently through the loop. “I hope you’re ready, because this is it. In half an hour, your circulation will be cut off, and I will be able to slice your bits off for good.” She said in a cold and detached manner. She unlocked the latch and the rubber band snapped closed around the base of Jay’s shaft and balls. The pain was immense, and once again, the smelling salts came out just as his whole vision turned into a blanket of white. “Stay awake, now. You wouldn’t want to miss this.” giggled Ella.

Slowly, jay could feel his genitals going numb. It began with a prickle which quickly turned to pins and needles, before disappearing into nothingness. That sensation, or lack thereof, was bliss. ‘This is what it will be like for the rest of my life’ he mused, as a warm fuzzy feeling overtook his entire body. Jay was floating by now, he felt drugged. He had never experienced this before. It was wonderful. Ella stood beside him, stroking his face with her soft hands, and murmuring sweet nothings to him. Jay’s eyes wandered from Ella’s beautiful angelic face to his now numb cock. It was huge, bigger than it had ever been before, and it was a deep shade of ‘bruise’. It was bizarre. He looked at it, and he knew it was his cock, but his brain just couldn’t recognise it as being his. It looked so different, swollen and purple, that his mind couldn’t admit to itself that that was his own penis. “It’s not my cock anymore” he said softly to Ella. “It’s your now.” She kissed him on the forehead, so very tenderly. “It’s ready,” she said. “and 5 minutes to go before midnight. Perfect.”

Ella disappeared into the next room. Jay could hear her rummaging around, but he was too deeply entranced to care about what was happening, or how long she was gone for. He was floating, and enjoying every second of it. Ella returned, carrying a large, and very serious looking metal vessel with a lid held on with clamps. She unlocked the lid, and when it popped off with a fantastic sound, eerie smoke dribbled down the sides of the container. IT reminded him of the mist that creeps on the ground of cemeteries in horror movies.

“Liquid nitrogen” explained Ella as she exited the room once more. This time, she returned holding a japanese chef knife in one hand, and a hammer in the other. She placed the hammer beside the vat of liquid nitrogen. Jay was hypnotised by the way that the coils of smoke crept over the hammer like a living entity. Ella walked towards him, and delicately picked up his now black cock and balls in her free hand. “This knife,” she said, showing him the blade which caught the light in such a way as to blind him temporarily “was custom made for me in Tokyo. I ordered it months ago just for this. The blade is made of the finest damascus steel, hand folded in 32 layers, by the best craftsman in the world. The handle carved out of the baculum of a sperm whale that was found beached. Do you know what a baculum is, Jay?” “No Mistress.” “The baculum is the bone inside a whale’s penis, Jay. I thought it was quite fitting for the occasion, don’t you” “absolutely Mistress” Jay was somewhat blown away by the level of attention that Ella was putting into ritualising this experience. She was more than human. She was his Goddess, and she deserved to have his eternal chastity.

“The blade is sharper than any razor or scalpel” continued Ella. “It will slice through your flesh so cleanly that you wouldn’t feel anything, even if your cock and balls weren’t already half dead.

Jay could just about see, if he tilted his head right, Ella bringing the blade down towards his genitals. The concentration on her face was clear. She was putting all her energy into doing this right. He saw the blade disappear between his thigh, and then ella’s face lit up and her left hand lifted up his dead member like a trophy of war. She smiled at him, and he did his best to smile back. “That’s it, he thought. No going back now”.

“It’s not over yet,” said Ella. “There’s one last thing that I want to do. I want to engrave in your mind forever the worthlessness of your male genitalia.”

Ella picked up a pair of metal tongs, and using them to hold the mess of flesh that had once been Jay’s genitals, she lowered them into the steaming vat. A fresh bellow of icy steam coiled dramatically over its edges as she plunged them deeper inside. She held them there for a few seconds before removing them and placing them delicately on the stone work surface. They made a clinking sound, like glass, as they hit the stone. Completely frozen.

“Look at that pathetic piece of flesh, Jay. Don’t stop looking at it” Ella said as she picked up the hammer. Do you see it? Can you see how fragile it is? Let me show you.” Ella gently lowered the hammer towards the mess of mangled meat. “Watch!” she ordered.

Ella oh so delicately tapped Jay’s frozen genitals with the tip of the hammer, just once. And the whole thing exploded into a million shards. Powdered.

“Happy New Year!”, Ella said to him, smiling. Jay saw white once again.


Jay woke up in his bed at home. It was daylight. He looked at his phone and realised it was mid afternoon. Had it all been a dream? He lifted up his sheets. He was naked except for a nappy that had been heavily padded. Written on it in marker, upside down, so he could read it, were the words “DO NOT REMOVE”

Jay lay down again, and turned his head sideways to see an envelope resting on the pillow beside him. He picked it up and opened it. Inside was a little card. On it was inscribed

“Do not move from bed. There is a thermos of tea in your bedside table and some fruit in a bowl on top of it. I will be back this afternoon to take care of you. Happy new year, and happy new you.

I love you”


Ella was bathing in a sea of calm as her taxi drove through the night. Raindrops slid down the windows, making the outside world seem like a dream. All that she could make out were the lights of the occasional car driving in the opposite direction. This suited her, as she had a lot to process after what had happened that night.
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