Dec 012014

I am experienced in domination and thoroughly enjoy what I do. You will be comfortable in my presence even if you are visiting a mistress for the first time. I may well rule you with a rod of iron, but I am also approachable, a good listener and have a sense of humour. I have many fantasies and can accommodate your particular needs so we will both be completely satisfied in every session.

I derive much pleasure from the control and domination of men; particularly naughty boys who need to be spanked. I enjoy using strap-on play and indulging in cock and ball torture, medical and sensation play, but my love of domination is not restricted to just these pleasures…

Look at my website for more extensive list and don’t forget to read my blog.

Mistress Jane



Nov 242014

An elegant and inexorable Mistress who’s alternative and fiendish sense of fun will pervade every corner of your wildest imagination.

From a young age, I have always had a penchant for the bizarre and unusual, a fascination which quickly led me into the wonderful world of BDSM and kink!

 As a lifestyle Fetishist, I frequently attend a plethora of North-West and London based Fetish and FemmeDomme events. On occasion, I will allow lucky slaves to join us for the evening and indulge in some public play at these events.

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty

Nov 232014

Impossible to Forget… Mistress Natalie

I’m often asked what my specialties are, and frankly, the answer doesn’t come easily.

I am a role-play expert (I began honing this specialty 15 years ago); causing even cynical aficionados to weaken at the knees, but I think that versatile is the one word that most aptly describes me.

With light-weight slaves I may tease them into a sensual frenzy by playing naughty games (which incidentally, I always win). Conversely, screams of pain and cries for mercy can be heard from those who merit a more corporal scene.

In my medical room even the most experienced slut will succumb to my expertise.

It’s been said I’m impossible to forget…

Don’t you want to find out why?

Call me to experience the best in my upscale and private facility!

Mistress Natalie

Mistress Natalie

Mistress Natalie

Nov 182014

Mistress Maggie has sent us a new picture from a catheter play session. Nurse Maggie is fully equipped to perform sterile catheter insertions and bladder draining in her Preston White Room.

New patients are welcome to come along and provide nurse with a urine sample, but beware – Nurse Maggie likes to collect and recycle piss, including her own special nurse piss, using funnels, tubes, teats and enemas.

A wide range of traditional, rubber and kinky medical treatments are also catered for -

Anal examinations, plugs, inflatables, electro dildos and electrodes
Rubber and plastic breathplay, bubble bottles, anaesthetic role-play
Electroplay, loads of electrodes to create the nicest and/or cruellest of sensations
Vaccum pumps and cupping, sounding, enemas, first aid and health checks
Surgical steel instruments in use for torture, clamping and stretching

Read Nurse Maggie’s latest medical news with topical photos here –

Nurse Maggie

Apr 292014

I can tie and tease, incarcerate you in a cage or stocks. Humiliate you, sissify you or train you as a maid.I have expertise across a range of activities and I am passionate about inflicting pain. I am expert at taking submissives to new highs, stretching them to the edge of their limits. I can show you what is possible if you wish to stretch those limits. Below is a list of activities I relish and enjoy.

I cater for both novice and experienced players alike.I only work in a consensual way your limits will always be respected, just as I expect you to respect mine. I prefer risk aware consensual kink. I do not offer any form of personal services. I understand BDSM can be a sexually erotic experience and I might allow you to relieve yourself at my discretion. Then again I may not!

Mizz Ultra Violet

Mizz Ultra Violet

Mizz Ultra Violet

Feb 172014

I am Mistress Carly – one of England’s most beautiful and sophisticated Dominant Mistresses – but then of course you have already deduced that from my photograph!

Being naturally Dominant, I very much enjoy meeting with gentlemen who wish to experience sensual and sexual Domination at the expert hands of a highly experienced and stunningly beautiful Goddess.

Unlike many Mistresses, I believe that sexual acts can be an integral part of a Fem-Dom/Sub-Male relationship and I very much enjoy ‘using’ My servants’ bodies (mouths, tongues & cocks) for My own pleasure and gratification. As I like to adorn My firm, lithe body in all manner of erotic attire it is not unusual for My slaves to be erect whilst they are worshipping & serving Me, So, as a red-blooded horny woman, if I choose to make use of a slave’s erection by mounting and riding it, then I reserve the right to do so. After all, it is Me who is in control and they exist purely to serve and satisfy Me – in any way I may desire!

I love different forms of play and nurse/medical play is diffidently one of my favourites.
Check out my site, book a session, meet me and play with me.

Mistress Carly

Sep 212013

Mistress Denise works from the SM Domination Palace. She has a real medical background what makes her the perfect strict nurse. There are so many details in her sessions that you wonder if you’re not in a real hospital with a mean nurse. Always be a good patient if you’re not you will be punished by her.

More information on her profile.

Mistress Denise

Sep 192013

Marks of Pleasure is home to two of England’s finest Black Mistresses, Mistress MacGyer and Mistress Rocquelle.They are based in Guildford and close to the City of London.

Mistress Macgyver is a beautiful sensual domme and has the full range of domination skills. She specialize in mental Domination. Book her as a strict nurse and let her play her mind tricks with you. She will make you beg and want for more.

Mistress Rocquelle is a natural dominant woman and instinctively drawn to control men. She likes to be worshipped and will not raise her voice. She only wants perfection from her slaves. As a nurse she extremely sensual but very strict if the patient doesn’t listen. She will control the session in every aspect.

More information on Marks of Pleasure

Marks of Pleasure

Marks of Pleasure

Sep 112013

Mistress Whiplash is an experienced professional Domme who has been involved in the fetish industry, both sessioning and in femdom productions, since around the year 2000. She is fun, but also strict when necessary and very much enjoy making her visitors suffer.

Nikki Whiplash does many fetish films also for Glove Mansion, where she is a very strict nurse.

Nikki Whiplash

Nikki Whiplash

If you like sounding check out this video.