Mar 072015

Nurse Jazmine a surgical nurse by day and fetish nurse by night. She with some other Nurses have a weekly video series showing what happens in the Operating Room after you fall a sleep…

If you would like to order your very own fetish nurse video, Nurse Jazmine will make it for you. Also if you like to subscribe to the weekly fetish video please have a look at her fetlife profile for more information




Mar 012015

Mistress l’Amour is a totally unique trinket to be enjoyed by a select few who are worthy of long term domestic and sexual servitude.

A unique, youthful Goddess, possessing unparalleled strength and rich experience.

Mistress l’Amour can offer a totally new and fresh outlook on the world of fetish, and is totally dedicated to offering a premium service, and gives an opportunity to build a long term connection, progress and begin to specialise in your preferred areas of servitude.

As a university graduate, and a professional opera singer, Mistress has many gifts to share with you, and will leave you in awe, with her poise, perfect proportion.

Mistress has a very soft voice, and prides herself on never having to shout to get what she wants. Men fall at her feet, as she is a total breath of fresh air.

Huge natural beauty, a perfect size 6 figure, and flawless porcelain skin. Mistress is a Lily that has no need or desire to be gilded, her honest and genuine approach is what keeps her servants keen and willing.
Mistress prides herself on her expertise within:

  • Mental domination
  • Medical Play and Fetish
  • Sensory Torture and Edging
  • Councilling and Advice
  • Domestic Domination
  • Bondage
  • Disciplinarian role
  • Financial Domination
  • Sensory Fun
  • Tantric Massage

More information at her website: Mistress L’Amour
Mistress L'amour
Mistress L'amour

Feb 212015

As a Nurse, “I have been done fucked up things to patients for years…all to make them FEEL better.” Nurses limit patients behavior, place patients in restraints, provide painful treatments, control pain and more. Pursing My interest in domination was a natural transition. I am fortunate to be mentored by
Domina Angelina & am also a member of the Servitus Family.

I have over a decade of experience as a Nurse, specializing in critical care and surgical first assisting. As an RNFA, I took on the role of an assisting surgeon and My sterile technique is unparalleled.

Please visit: Nurse D’Vita

Nurse D'Vita will see you now! from D'Vita on Vimeo.

Dec 202014

Miss Lorin Rose is a pinup/alternative model who loves to be in front of and behind the camera. She is experienced and can bring creativity to any photo shoot. She has a wide variety of clothes, retro clothes, bathing suits, dresses, heels,nurse, corsets and garters for any photo shoot.
More info at Model Mayhem

Miss Lorin Rose

Nov 292014

Maitresses Renee is a naturally Dominant Woman. She doesn’t need to shout to get you on your knees. She will push your limits test your divotions for her and bring you back with a soft and sweet touch. In her dungeon she has the right equipment for a good medical play and with her experience she will make it a session you will remember a life time.

More information on her website:


Maitresse Renee

Nov 232014

Impossible to Forget… Mistress Natalie

I’m often asked what my specialties are, and frankly, the answer doesn’t come easily.

I am a role-play expert (I began honing this specialty 15 years ago); causing even cynical aficionados to weaken at the knees, but I think that versatile is the one word that most aptly describes me.

With light-weight slaves I may tease them into a sensual frenzy by playing naughty games (which incidentally, I always win). Conversely, screams of pain and cries for mercy can be heard from those who merit a more corporal scene.

In my medical room even the most experienced slut will succumb to my expertise.

It’s been said I’m impossible to forget…

Don’t you want to find out why?

Call me to experience the best in my upscale and private facility!

Mistress Natalie

Mistress Natalie

Mistress Natalie

Nov 012014

The Royal Treatment is the “Crème de la Cream” meaning: The Very Best

Gentlemen: The Royal Treatment“Crème de la Cream” is a package designed for gentlemen who enjoy and appreciate treating themselves to Greatness!


1. A soothing warm water High Colonic Cleansing Treatment

2. OR … A soothing warm water SINGLE-BARDEX or a DOUBLE-BARDEX Enema. As many of you long-time users are aware of, the BARDEX is very popular. And if you are a new beginner, you also agree.

3. Therapeutic deep-tissue Massage – One you will never forget, combined with a soft touch

4. Gentle Prostate Massage Milking for Health – and it is very pleasurable

Contact me so that I can get The Royal Treatment “Crème de la Cream “started!

Afterwards, you will leave Walking with “A little Pep In Your Step”

More information at: Nurse Pearl
Enema Nurse