Dr Annabel – London’s Twisted Clinic

london twisted clinic

Dr Annabel with Her Central London medical facility “London’s Twisted Clinic” invites you to check yourself in for a very special session of Serious Kit cock and nipple milking and deep anal examination and invasion.

Dr Annabel has pioneered a new type of invasive fisting treatment allowing Her to go past the second schpincter with pure medical skill to give you some deep orgasmic sensations! Some patients can even be double fisted.

A massive array of electrical toys including electrical attachments for both Serious Kit milker and Venus 2000 means you will be milked, given an enema or two and then totally invaded to the core of your being.

Student Nurse available to assist Dr Annabel, full latex/gummi/heavy rubber uniforms available. Clinical restraint and suspension and medical mummification available in the Twisted Clinic.

Stay from 1.5hrs upto 3 days at London’s Twisted Clinic. or New Twisted Clinic site

london twisted clinic

london twisted clinic

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