Dr Annabel Sadistra (London/UK)

Dr Annabel Sadistra has extended Her opening hours and treatments in the month of October for long term medical bondage players and those looking for shorter notice appointments. The full range of Serious Kit Milker, Serious Kit Vacuum suit and Serious Kit Hoods are available as is the Venus 2000 Milking Machine.

The medical suit is unrivalled in Central London and offers a stunning range of mind and body treatments including the exciting breath play gas Carbogen. No other practitioner in the UK offers this mix of gas with very interesting results.

3D Fisting brings a degree of invasiveness unseen before with normal fisting treatments and allows you to LIVE and SEE every moment of your anal invasion to the max!

Spotlessly clean sterile surroundings and a stunning student nurse on call all medical inpatients are required to contact the Twisted Clinic upon their next visit to London. The online questionnaire must be filled in!

Dr Sadistra is an expert medical practitioner of both body and mind!

Are you ready for this? Medical treatments and bizarre invasive procedures way beyond your expectations! Spine tingling moments await!


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