Klinik Bizarr – Lady Asmondena (Hamburg/Germany)

asmondena1My name is Lady Asmondena, as a dominatrix and fetishist I have been well known worldwide for long.

This website was made and created by myself for you, as a small reward for my faithful fans’ and slaves’ community.

In the last years I devoted myself completely to new creative projects and I implemented my visions with a 1000% success.

Those who got to know me appreciate my determination, my bite and my strong will to realise my goals. That’s why I won the 2012 award for the best start up within the German Fetish Ball in Berlin. I participated to several Fashion shows and the likes.

I’d like to thank all those who followed my evolution over the last few years and who motivated and supported me all the time. I talked a lot to you. Every time you would regret that I retired temporarily from the professional scene.

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