Lady Sophie (Antwerp/Belgium)

I have a medical background and love everything about medical play! I have a great medical room, it is quite new so I don’t yet have everything I would like but it is sufficient to have a great session in. I am sure you would feel very excited in my gynecology chair!

Maybe you are dreaming of a visit to the school doctor, a thorough medical examination for a new job or an abduction to my research laboratory.. Or maybe you just have a fetish for latex gloves, stethoscopes and surgical mouth masks.. I provide kinky, sexy and/or realistic medical exams.

There are many possibilities, for example an enema and an anal exam, “healing” you with needles and sounding. But I can also measure your blood pressure, your heartbeat and listen to your lungs. If you would also like to wear medical uniforms or scrubs, let me know! Depending on your size I should have something for everybody.

Get your medical exam by fetish Nurse, Lady Sophie

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