London’s Twisted Clinic by Mistress Annabel

Mistress Annabel has taken many long hours to learn and perfect the science of erotic hypnosis to become London’s Ultimate Hypno Domme.Imagine a beautiful dominant woman toying with your mind, increasing your body sensitivity, pulling you deeper and deeper and deeper into trance. She will lead your mind back and forth, alternating between total amnesia, erotic arousal, and brink-of-orgasm.

Mistress Annabel is an expert in many medical procedures like enemas, catherisation, needles for a complete list check her website medical play page.

The Clinic is in central London if you want to find out how beautiful and fully equipped it is make an appointment and take your first step into the magical world of the Twisted Clinic.

Website: Twisted Clinic and Mistress Annabel

Mistress Annabel

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