London’s Twisted Clinic

A black rubber medical fetishists dream. Strict medical protocol and rubber addiction will be treated by the black rubber female surgeon. rubber dolls, sluts, and gimps will find rubber overload takes them on a journey like no other!

Here is a provisional list of treatments available, there will be a full range of anaesthetic treatments and aromas for breath and anaesthesia roleplay. Rare in London UK.

  • Heavy rubber treatment and therapies both rubber doll/slut and male.
  • Mild to extreme (depending on experience levels) fisting and anal intrusion.
  • Total rubber enclosure (29 different catsuits in all different sizes- rubber doll suit too).
  • Anaesthesia roleplay and treatment (all levels).
  • Gummi Klinik (everything in rubber including full encasement by Mistress).
  • Medical fantasy roleplay Mistress as Rubber Surgeon, Hannibal Rubber Nurse,Bitch Doctor.
  • Clinical torments: CBT and NT inc. vacuum pumping, weights,electrics, pin wheels.
  • Steel specular play (all sizes upto XXXL) fantastic for those that enjoy anal stretching.
  • Golden shower and pee recycling games.
  • Hypnotherapy and Mental Reprogramming (mentally sadistic black room control).
  • Milking of both nipples and cock by both Serious Kit Milker or Venus 2000.
  • Full sensory deprivation.
  • Total control.
  • Rubber Gasmask therapies (15 different sizes/models to indulge in).
  • Orgasmic squirting control.
  • Prolonged orgasms.
  • Carbogen.
  • Gases.
  • Aromas.
  • Naso catheters and rubber tubing.
  • Strap on play and anal intrusions.
  • Novo Pro 100.
  • Authentic 1950s anaesthetic machine for all types of anaesthetic roleplay.
  • Erotic, safe and sane encounters with unconditional discretion guaranteed.

Visit the website for more information and pictures.

Twisted Clinic Twisted Clinic


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