Mistress Natalie (New York/USA)

Impossible to Forget… Mistress Natalie

I’m often asked what my specialties are, and frankly, the answer doesn’t come easily.

I am a role-play expert (I began honing this specialty 15 years ago); causing even cynical aficionados to weaken at the knees, but I think that versatile is the one word that most aptly describes me.

With light-weight slaves I may tease them into a sensual frenzy by playing naughty games (which incidentally, I always win). Conversely, screams of pain and cries for mercy can be heard from those who merit a more corporal scene.

In my medical room even the most experienced slut will succumb to my expertise.

It’s been said I’m impossible to forget…

Don’t you want to find out why?

Call me to experience the best in my upscale and private facility!

Mistress Natalie

Mistress Natalie

Mistress Natalie

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