Mistress Rubber Day January 9-10 (London)

Madame Caramel, Mistress Rouge and Miss Deviant have planned a Rubber day on January 9th and 10th.
You can be our rubber dolly. Be totally enclosed in rubber.
Try our Venus 2000 for a very special sensory deprivation session. We have a rubber body bag that can be inflated for that extra tight feeling.

This is a unique chance for an afternoon of rubber deprivation.
£500 for 3 hours of rubber sensations at the hoxton dungeon suite.

We have session through the day and at the 9th there is the possibility for an overnight stay.

Book your session now: madame_caramel@hotmail.co.uk

Madame Caramel and Miss Deviant

Miss DeviantMadame Caramelmistress_rouge_by_james_alexander_67-d5rnjlu-204x300

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