Mistress Violet Mays (Toronto / Canada)

Welcome to my favourite corner of the world of kink: medical fetish play

I love the nurturing and calm environment that a visit to the doctor promises – a safe space to talk about your fears and discuss your problems. A space where you undress and are examined, head to toe. From listening to your heart beat to taking your pulse to testing your reflexes, my penetrating gaze is felt at all times. I love the mise-en-scene of the clinic, the objectivity of the doctor’s opinion, the belief in finding cures and “making you better.” It’s this nurturing attitude, coupled with the invasive nature of the implements that renders the patient totally vulnerable. And it’s with rigour and intensity that I investigate this site of psychological and physiological vulnerability.

To help you decide on the kind of session / mood you’re looking for, I’ve been developing and evolving certain medical personas that have spoken to me over the course of my sessions. Stay tuned for further developments on them! 

1. When the Doctor’s away, Nurse Mays will play (a classic, naughty fantasy)

2. Your health is dire, and you need to be operated on immediately. Dr. Violet Mays, Deconstructive Surgeon, is here to help

3. Butcher / Seamstress, always on the cutting edge of things 

4. Dr. Violet “the Wand” Mays, Electro-physiologist Specializing in what’s current

Mistress Violet Mays


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