Mistress Vivienne L’Amour (Orlando / Florida / USA)

Mistress l’Amour is a totally unique trinket to be enjoyed by a select few who are worthy of long term domestic and sexual servitude.

A unique, youthful Goddess, possessing unparalleled strength and rich experience.

Mistress l’Amour can offer a totally new and fresh outlook on the world of fetish, and is totally dedicated to offering a premium service, and gives an opportunity to build a long term connection, progress and begin to specialise in your preferred areas of servitude.

As a university graduate, and a professional opera singer, Mistress has many gifts to share with you, and will leave you in awe, with her poise, perfect proportion.

Mistress has a very soft voice, and prides herself on never having to shout to get what she wants. Men fall at her feet, as she is a total breath of fresh air.

Huge natural beauty, a perfect size 6 figure, and flawless porcelain skin. Mistress is a Lily that has no need or desire to be gilded, her honest and genuine approach is what keeps her servants keen and willing.
Mistress prides herself on her expertise within:

  • Mental domination
  • Medical Play and Fetish
  • Sensory Torture and Edging
  • Councilling and Advice
  • Domestic Domination
  • Bondage
  • Disciplinarian role
  • Financial Domination
  • Sensory Fun
  • Tantric Massage

More information at her website: Mistress L’Amour
Mistress L'amour
Mistress L'amour

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