Nurse Pearl: Royal Enema Treatment (NYC/USA)

The Royal Treatment is the “Crème de la Cream” meaning: The Very Best

Gentlemen: The Royal Treatment“Crème de la Cream” is a package designed for gentlemen who enjoy and appreciate treating themselves to Greatness!


1. A soothing warm water High Colonic Cleansing Treatment

2. OR … A soothing warm water SINGLE-BARDEX or a DOUBLE-BARDEX Enema. As many of you long-time users are aware of, the BARDEX is very popular. And if you are a new beginner, you also agree.

3. Therapeutic deep-tissue Massage – One you will never forget, combined with a soft touch

4. Gentle Prostate Massage Milking for Health – and it is very pleasurable

Contact me so that I can get The Royal Treatment “Crème de la Cream “started!

Afterwards, you will leave Walking with “A little Pep In Your Step”

More information at: Nurse Pearl
Enema Nurse

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