Tag: medical fetish

Domina Decadoria (Berlin / Germany)


Miss Decadoria puts all her patient to the test with bizarre investigation or pleasurable pain treatments. Her authentic clinic puts her patients in the right mindset for suffering. Erection states are rigorously inspected, tested pain thresholds mercilessly and semen samples…

Lady Desiree (La Spezia/ Italy)

Lady Desiree is a model a fetishist but most of all of true Mistress. She is the superior woman in your life. You will submit and worship her. She love to have her feet worshipped but is fully capable of…

Mistress Demetra (Bologna / Italy)

Mistress Demetra

Mistress Demetra is a classic Mistress. She has clasis pure bdsm sessions with her slaves. She loves clinical games and in her fully equiped medical dungeon you can enjoy: Needle play, injections, catheter, sounds, enemas, Please visit: her blog.