May 062014

Miss Buffy BrownMy patient arrived at 10am sharp, eager and ready to become Mistress Browns. Mistress Brown has seen this patient on a number of occasions and he always wants more and more, on this occasion his appointment with Nurse Brown would be 8 hours long.

His list was:Miss Buffy Brown

ball busting, male milking , scrotal infusion, Institutional restraining/straight jacket treatment, Depilation – shaving and waxing, Breath Control using C20 feeding system -bubble bottle system -plastic bags- suffocating, Rubber nurse fetish/rubber bondage.

He also received:

Chastity, tight confinement and bondage, sounds an enema …and lunch !

After I had prepared my patient by fully shaving his cock and balls, giving him an enema , dressing him top to toe in latex and placing him in chastity, we could begin. Miss Buffy BrownThe fantastic thing about long sessions is I can take my time doing all the above and really ensuring my patient is comfortable and ready to play …

Mistress Buffy Brown secured her patient in to the gyno chair; legs were tied down and elevated in the stirrups, each strap carefully placed over his body, ensuring he could no longer move. Or run….away.

Anal play first .I worked at stretching him, first with one finger, then two, a small dildo. Slowly, my patient was becoming more and more relaxed, poppers were administered via a rubber anaesthetic mask and tube system, and he was in ecstasy. Next, anal electrics would enable him to feel the pulsating on his prostate and free up my hands for..’ Other’ things.

Miss Buffy Brown

Rebreather system next. Now, Mistress Brown’s patient was suitably throbbing and floating away ..I could then focus my attention on controlling his breathing, whether it be feeding him poppers or C2o/Noz , or all . He trusted me ..which is just as well !

This type of play should only be done by an experienced Mistress/Nurse !

There is far more I could tell you about but why don’t you find out for yourself and book an appointment at the surgery

Miss Buffy Brown

Miss Buffy Brown


Call 07958138866 please fill in the contact form for all medical inquires

Miss Buffy Brown

Mar 142014

Mistress Buffy Brown and Miss Sarah Kane are now offering extreme breath play and Noz sessions. In there Manchester Medical Centre they have everything they need to safely perform the more extreme sessions.

Miss Brown is now is possession of some 3 inch stainless steel needles that can be pushed straight through the balls. This is for the more experienced CBT lovers.

Book if you dare!!

They will be in :
HOXTON Dungeon Suite 6th and 7th April
BIRMINGHAM , the facility 14th March
GLASGOW, service apartments 26th/27th March

and Manchester the rest of the time

Mistress Brown is available for 1-2-1 sessions or with the delightfully latex clad, big cocked Miss Sarah Kane

please call 07958138866 to book or visit Manchester Medical Fetish



Jan 282014

Manchester Medical clinic is a fully equipped and functional medical facillity , which houses the highest quality medical instruments and practictioners . Whether or not you are an expert medical fetishist or a novice ,all our Manchester Medical Practioners have something to offer the dicerning medical enthusiast.

Medical fetish fantasy encapsulates total control of the body and natural functioning . This type of fetish play is by no means for everyone , however each nurse at the’ Manchester Medical Fetish Clinic’ will complete a patient review assesment , prior to partaking in procedures.

Please visit the new site: Manchester Medical Fetish


Jul 172013

From now on Mistress brown will see her subs and patients also in Birmingham.
The first time will be 22th of July.
If you are living in that area now is your change to have a session with this wonderful Dominatrix.

More information on her websites:

Mistress Buffy Brown

Nov 202012

Mistress Brown believes in the Loving Dominant.

That means that she feels each and every one of her submissives and slaves are a gift to be treasured. Each of you is unique and special, and it is her task – and joy – to train you, torment you, punish you, and praise you.

All medical scenarios are part of fetish role play and as authentic as it may seem Mistress Brown has no medical qualifications, all her medical skills however are part of a practiced service in which a safe and hygenic service will be provided.

  • Bondage, restraint and mummification
  •  Sensory deprivation
  •  Hoods
  •  Gas masks
  •  Anesthetic masks with rebreather bag
  •  Blindfolds
  •  Gags – ball, bit, pump up, butterfly, O-ring, penis Jennings dental gag
  •  Breath play – asphyxiation, breath control and suffocation
  •  Poppers
  •  Rectal, penile and testicular examination check-ups
  •  Enemas – gravity feed and Higginsons syringes. that extra tingling sensation;


More information and contact details at Mistress Brown

Mistress Brown