Nov 242014

An elegant and inexorable Mistress who’s alternative and fiendish sense of fun will pervade every corner of your wildest imagination.

From a young age, I have always had a penchant for the bizarre and unusual, a fascination which quickly led me into the wonderful world of BDSM and kink!

 As a lifestyle Fetishist, I frequently attend a plethora of North-West and London based Fetish and FemmeDomme events. On occasion, I will allow lucky slaves to join us for the evening and indulge in some public play at these events.

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty

Aug 292014

Mistress Linda

I am Mistress Linda of Leeds, an elegant, sophisticated and mature Mistress with a wicked, yet sensual demeanour.

I have a wealth of experience as a Dominatrix and offer a safe and secure environment for BDSM enthusiasts.

Whether you are looking for exquisite CP, sensual T&T, severe CBT, classic OTK or a mind-blowing strap-on session you will find that I excel in most forms of Domination – I am your ultimate Domina!

Make no mistake, I am one of the UK’s most respected and adored Dominatrix and a session with myself will take you to the very edge of your pain threshold and probably beyond.

I have the skill, expertise and a powerful Dominant nature – You will do as I choose!

Mistress Linda

Mistress Linda

Jul 292014

IMG_5991I am a beautiful mixed race Domme based in Hertfordshire and House Domme  @ Club Black Whip

FEMDOM is a passion of mine, both as a woman and as a sadist. I am  naturally articulate, and passionate about domination and I most importantly am NOT an actress. What you see, is what I am – no
pretences, no ‘front’. Just pure and beautiful female domination.

I love dressing up, I love latex, leather and fur & I ADORE high heels and boots. I have a fetish for foot worship (my feet, obviously) and  LOVE having my boots licked. Humiliation and domination excite me thoroughly & I enjoy watching slaves squirm under my control. My personal slave is testament to this, and I enjoy toying with him regularly.

I recently discovered to wonderful world of Medical fetish and play. Contact me so we can explorer this together.
Liberty D


Feb 222014

I am a domina out of passion. My profession is my attitude towards life.
I make no empty promises. What I offer is what you will actually experience. First and foremost, it’s all about satisfying the wishes of the guests for uncompromising, authentic clinical experiences and curbing the consumption mindset, which one often comes up against in this field.

For over twenty years now I have been able to live out my passion for SM both on a private and a professional level. At the moment I offer only medical scenarios, in a very well-appointed clinic room. My guests attach great value to the relaxed setting of my private rooms.

Through my many years of professional experience as a nurse I am particularly proficient in clinical practices. I carry out the session quite rigorously but it goes without saying that in so doing I adhere to the consensually agreed limits. Naturally the patient’s health is the top priority, so that clinical hygiene and single-use materials are a matter of course for me.

Lady Franziska (German)  or Lady Franziska (English)


Lady franziska Lady franziska

Jan 052014

Mistress Kiana La Donna  is a young playful German dominatrix. She is exploring her sadistic side and loves to hear you whine and cry at her feet.

As a Nurse she is very caring and demanding. She will inflict pain to you but only to heal your soul and become a better more stable boy.

Mistress Kiana visits studios all over Germany (Köln-Leverkusen – Bergisch-Gladbach – Gummersbach) but she will visit London very soon. She will stay at the amazing Hoxton Dungeon Suite where she has everything she need to give her patients a thorough check-up!

Please visit her website: Kiana La Donna (German) or e-mail her for more information about her London visit.

Mistress Kiana la Donna

Jan 042014

Yesterday StrictNurse visited the SM Domination Palace in Eindhoven The Netherlands. We wear warmly greeted at the door and guided to the reception. He explained the rules of visiting the dungeon and escorted us to the room. They have a great privacy system, because there are many different rooms and so potentially many other people you are not allowed of the room. If you need to leave the room you can call the reception and they will come to escort you. This ensures great privacy, well done!
The room is very clean and well equipped. It was nice and warm but we could see the airco unites to enable play during a warm summer day. I will not go in to the session details but I can ensure you that Nurse Caramel as always made a deep impression.
If you don’t come together with your Mistress there are always resident Mistresses available. They know every little detail about the place and can give you a session made to measure. All the Ladies have excellent knowledge of the English Language and some of them also speak German.
After the session Nurse Denise came to escort us back to the reception, after a small chat we left the dungeon but will definitely come back!

Please visit SM Palace for more information.

Meesteres DeniseMeesteres FayMeesteres Dani

Jan 012014

Mistress Marine is well travelled and knows the different forms of bdsm and fetish.
As a nurse she will dress up for the occasion and be your sensual but strict Nurse.
She will give you the treatment you need and left you wanting for you next session.

Visit her site and contact her.

Mistress Marine

Dec 262013

Mistress Isabel has many years of experience as a lifestyle Mistress. But is now also seeing slaves as a professional. She values, respect, safety and responsibility in a session. If you gives yourself to her she will give back a wonderful session. Let her be your sensual doctor and enjoy the treatment.

More information on her site: Meesteres Isabel (Dutch)

Meesteres Isabel

Dec 222013

Domina Miss Leonie will use you as she pleases. She is known for her great understanding of gentle dominance. As a nurse she will take your fantasy and make if even better and more spectacular. Give yourself completely to her and you will never forget any session you have with her. Be passionate, worship her and she will become the Goddess you where always looking for.

More information on her website and blog

Miss Leonie